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1949 XK 120

Alloy Jaguar

Chassis No. 670084
Engine No. W 1173.8
Color: Navy Blue
Trim: Blue/Bisquit
Date of Manuf: Left the Factory on 11 January 1950
Importer: Hoffman, NY USA

So believe it or not, we were able to find original and historic race footage of the Jaguar online. The video of racer/owner Rob Reider racing the car can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPxQVYLIH-Y

The car is numbered 74C and can be seen at these times:

» 1:29
» 1:40
» 1:50
» 1:59
» 2:30
» 2:33


Introduced to the world at the London Motor Show of 1948, The XK120 was Jaguar’s first post-war sports car and Sir William Lyons himself was instrumental in the development of its shape and form. At its heart is the Jaguar XK 3.4 liter straight 6, developed during the war and featuring an aluminium head and double overhead camshaft – in the lightweight XK, the 160bhp provides a very healthy power to weight ratio resulting in its namesake, an impressive top speed of 120 mph.

This left hand drive XK 120 was manufactured by Jaguar in late 1949 as the 84th of 242 alloy bodied XK 120s built. It left the factory on January 11, 1950 and was sent to Hoffman in New York who sold the car to its first owner, Robert Reider. Rob tuned the car and immediately started to race it on the East Coast, mostly in club races. Andrew Whyte, the noted British author, made reference to this Jaguar, s/n 670084, in his book, "Jaguar Sports Racing & Competition Cars to 1953":

“Rob Reider and Logan Hill seem to have had the quickest XKs, Hill’s being supercharged, but off song; Reider’s got up to fourth at one stage of the GP, leading the likes of Kimberly (Ferrari) and Fitch (Fitch-Biton) but dropped back.”

This comment is in reference to the featured race at Elkhart Lake in 1950.

There is also a picture of the car on page 290 with this notation:

“Rob Reider’s XK 120 chases another (possibly Fred Wacher’s) with a Cisitalia following along Long Island’s country roads. John Fitch won Class 3 on this occasion in the Whitmore Jaguar, followed by Reider and Watcher.”

Since acquiring this XK 120 in 1991 it has been extensively raced at Lime Rock Park, New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Watkins Glen. It has also won several awards at local British Car Day events and Jaguar Club events (received a 98.99 score at its first Jaguar Association of New England show) in the Boston area.

Original engine and second race prepared engine are included.


The motor in the XK 120 now is a 3.4 bored .030 over and has a set of Venolia 10.5 to 1 forged pistons. The connecting rods are the stronger 4.2 type that have been shot-peened and polished and use ARP rod bolts.

The intake manifold has been machined to match the larger 2“ SU carburetors. The head has been ported and polished and uses Isky phase 3 road race camshafts & competition valves springs.

The head and block are mated together with a Cometric MLS head gasket. The exhaust is a set of 1 ¾” tubular headers. The Balancer is a later style from an XJ6. The Generator has been replaced with a 1 wire GM alternator.

The Radiator is a Ron Davis Racing Aluminum Radiator. With an auxiliary electric fan added along with a variable speed flex mechanical fan which is engine driven.

The flywheel is Aluminum with a steel insert by Fidanza with a 10” 3 finger Borg and Beck clutch which has been balanced. The Transmission is a stock 4 speed non synchro Moss box.

Jaguar Heritage Certificate

Photo preview:

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