About Us

Started in 1991, The Classic Marque, Inc. originally based in Topsfield, Massachusetts and recently re-located in the Town of Danvers, Mass. has always been about acquiring and selling unusual and evocative cars of varying vintages and types – even those of modern manufacturers.

“Unusual“, in that each car represents either a special provenance in its history or is of such limited production that cars of its type or style are rarely seen but hugely appreciated. “Evocative”, principally because of its design, its overall appearance and how its “presence” speaks to you – much the same as in a beautiful and moving painting or sculpture. The combination of these two attributes guides our acquisitions and the collection of cars that we have for sale. Our hours of operation are by appointment only and we would look forward to your visit. Please either email us at info@theclassicmarque.com or call 617-283-5300 to make an appointment.